Sine 1988

Bait Abaya Sharqiaa Co,
It is the leading company in the Middle East and East Asia
Sharqiaa Sharqiaa

Our Uniquness

What makes us unique are many characteristics that we work on confidently.


We offer the best fabrics in the world from the largest fabric manufacturers in the world.


We offer the finest original crystals manufactured by the Austrian Swarovski company.


Embroidery and sewing are performed by using the latest Italian and Japanese machines.


Knitting is used as signatures and engravings on the product by hand and supervised by experts in the field.


Our products are packaged in luxurious packages that have been professionally and distinctively designed to preserve crystals and inscriptions when shipping.

Working Team

Our working team is professional and 24/7 ready to offer help in choosing the product and its design upon your desire.

Our Abayas are professionally designed.

The design is carried out according to modern standards and specifications in the stylish design of Sharqiaa Abayas.

  • Our abayas are designed from unmatched fabric quality with Swarovski crystals, with a choice of attractive colors suitting your attractive look.
  • The knitting of our abayas is supervised by more than 30-year experts in this field.

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Shipment of our products is available to any country

If you request any of our products, we will ship it/them to your home.


You can choose the product you want in your local store, website or commercial WhatsApp.


Once you choose the product, we will prepare your order if it is a ready made product or special order then it will be packaged savely and appropriately.


The shipping company will deliver all the products to your home in record time.

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Certificates to cherish

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Abaya Soalon Aintarnit
Abaya Soalon Aintarnit
Abaya Soalon Aintarnit
Abaya Soalon Aintarnit
Abaya Soalon Aintarnit

About us

A brief overview of the company, its establishment, global expansion,
and commitment to international quality.

On 11 of Ramadan 1408 AH, April 28, 1988 AD, the first branch was opened in Medina then it began to expand with the opening of several branches in Makkah due to its locations in Madina and Makkah.

Since establishment, the company has been keen on and fussy about the principle of quality by dealing with high quality fabrics manufactured according to international quality standards.

Because of its perefect locations in Medina and Makkah, the company has gained worldwide fame.

With a distinguished reputation in designnig Japanese and German fabrics, the company has become leading in the Middle East assuring quality to its clients over the years with the help of successful partners.

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